Terisé and José are the loveliest couple, and I am so honored that they chose me as their wedding photographer. I’m so excited to share all about their day this month - which, spoiler alert, was actually two different celebrations! Today I’m sharing all about their surprise New England elopement at their favorite apple orchard. Keep reading (and then stay tuned later this month!) to hear all about their weddings. 

A Surprise New England Elopement

It wasn’t always in the plan for Terisé and José to elope. As they planned their wedding, they excitedly looked forward to their traditional wedding planned for the fall in New Hampshire. As the day approached, however, they received the news that José’s sister was going to be deployed suddenly and wouldn’t be able to make it to their wedding. So, they decided to have a surprise elopement ceremony so that she could be present! 

Their original wedding was planned for October 20th, but when they got the news T + J were able to put together a small ceremony in less than a week to surprise everyone! Terisé reached out to her officiant, photographer, and a local apple orchard in the town she grew up in and was able to find a date and time that we could all come together.  

Elopement Day in New Hampshire

Fast forward to the day of the ceremony - since they kept it mostly a surprise, not everyone knew what was going on when they showed up. When Terisé stepped out of her car in a white dress and walked towards her grandmother, her grandmother was immediately in tears and could hardly believe what was happening! She thought she was just going out for a day of apple picking with the family. Though they kept the ceremony extremely small, Terisé’s engagement ring was her grandmother’s so it was very important to Terisé to have her there to witness their ceremony.    

The sweet couple exchanged their vows under a gazebo on the orchard’s property, and once their marriage became official, T + J celebrated! And with what better than some famous apple cider donuts?! We took some cute bridal portraits in the orchard as well as some family portraits to commemorate the day. It was the perfect fall New England elopement. 

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Later this month I will also be sharing T + J’s full wedding day which took place a week after their elopement, so stay tuned for more beautiful details then! I just loved working with them and it was such an honor to be able to be present for this meaningful ceremony. I always tell my couples that your wedding can be as traditional or unique as you want it to be - it is all about you and your vision!  

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