Hi, I'm Robin

Your favorite photographer + Future bestie 🫶🏻

I'm so excited that you're here! If you're looking for an adventurous photographer in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, I'm your girl! I've been exploring the White Mountains for 25+ years and photographing weddings and elopements since 2019. I'm passionate about capturing photos that make you FEEL; creating nostalgia with a click of a button ✨

Facts About me

I. I love road trips!

I love exploring! I love to get out of the house and go explore a new place that I've never been before. If I had a choice between staying home or jumping in the car and driving to the mountains I would most definitely drive to the mountains! I always see it as an added bonus if we have enough time to squeeze in a hike or camping trip while we're out :)

II. I am a mother + Wife

My whole entire reason why!! My passion for capturing candid photos first started with my kids. We've been going on White Mountain adventures for as long as I can remember! We used to hike with the kids in baby carriers when they were just three weeks old 🥰 Jevin is my husband and you'll see him from time to time. Jevin joins me for adventure sessions and even associate photographs weddings for me!

The photo on the left is one Jevin and I had taken at one of our very own photography sessions with Abigail Renee Photography!

III. I've always loved nostalgia

Photos were a big part of my childhood, I would go through photo albums for hours and re live some of my very favorite moments. As I started to get a little bit older I began having interest in my own cameras and creating my own scrap books to highlight all of my favorite moments. I went from a little i-zone instant click camera to disposable film cameras to a little digital kodak camera that I would eventually take with me to high school. Over summer break I'd look through the album of photos and reminisce over basketball games, school field trips and posing with my best friends in our fancy clothes. Those were the best memories!