Today I’m sharing a few tips on capturing some of my favorite photos - wedding veil photos! These are some of my favorite images to look through after a wedding, and I know my couples agree! There’s something about a veil photo that just feels so romantic. So whether you’re a bride, a photographer, or videographer, here are some of my best wedding veil photo ideas and tips for you!

Wedding Veil Photo Ideas + Tips

NH wedding photography
NH wedding photos
NH wedding veil photos


As you’re shopping for your wedding veil, if gorgeous photos underneath it are important to you, be sure to purchase a long veil! Cathedral length is great because there will be plenty of fabric to work with. Longer veils can be on the heavy side, but don’t worry - you won’t have to wear it all night! Most brides place it on just before the first look or ceremony. And once we capture your portrait photos, you’ll be able to reset your hair for the remainder of the evening! We can also re-place your veil to grab some photos at golden hour too.   

Bride and groom by the lake in NH
Bride and groom portraits by the lake in NH
NH bride by the lake
Veil pictures with bride and groom


When you’re under the veil for photos, you’ll want to hold each other and bring your bodies SUPER close together! This is what creates such a romantic look and allows you both to fit under the veil, with it still looking light and airy in the wind. I tell my couples to stand belly to belly, it really makes a difference!

Bride and groom portraits NH
bride and groom photos NH wedding
Bride and groom under the wedding veil photo
Dennisport wedding bride and groom portrait
New Hampshire mountain wedding portraits
NH winter wedding portrait
NH couple at their winter wedding
wedding veil photo ideas


My last wedding veil photo idea and tip is to ensure that we capture these photos at either golden hour or during a cloudy part of the day (or both!). Under the veil photos aren’t as appealing during the middle of the day with harsh sun, in my opinion. And, this is one more reason to embrace the weather on your wedding day, even if it is cloudy and you were hoping for sun! If you do wind up with a sunny wedding day and we have the chance to take golden hour photos, I ALWAYS tell my couples to grab the chance.

Veil photos + golden hour = bridal romance vibes!

wedding veil photos
Under the wedding veil photo
wedding veil picture

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Bridal details photo
Embroidered wedding veil

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Bride and groom under the wedding veil photo
Cape Cod wedding bride and groom
Cathedral length wedding veil
Lace veil
New Hampshire wedding bridal portrait
New Hampshire wedding bridal party photo
NH bride and groom
NH bride with long veil
NH wedding first look
Under the veil picture with bride and groom