5 Tips You Didn't Know You Needed On Your Wedding Day!

I don't know about you, but when I was planning my own wedding I had no idea what the heck was going on. I vaguely remembered being at my parents wedding and going to a distant relatives wedding but that was about the extent of my wedding knowledge. I've learned a few tips and tricks since becoming a wedding photographer and I'd love to share these tips with you to help you stay as calm, cool and collected as possible on your wedding day!

Getting Ready Photos - Don't skip this!

The moments leading up to your ceremony tell a story. These moments are packed with emotion and looking at these photos years down the road will take you back to that moment before your wedding.

BONUS TIP: If you're working on a budget and have your photographer for a limited time, I still highly suggest capturing photos of the wedding party putting on their final touches and detail shots of bouquets, invites, and jewelry as these help tell the story in a wedding album.

Go with the flow

Veil fall off? Keep walking. Hair blowing in your face? You've got this, keep smiling. Uh-oh!!! Time to put your ring on and it wont go on?! Leave it there and act natural! The only person that knows the ring isn't fully on is you; once you're on your way back down the aisle you can quickly slip the ring into place!

I'm pretty easy-going myself, if you run into any anxiety inducing situations on your wedding day I'm probably going to tell you everything is alright and not to worry too much about it. Newsflash! Not everything is going to go exactly as planned! That is okay.

Bride and Groom celebrating as they walk out of their wedding ceremony in New Hampshire.

Have a Detailed List for Group Photos

Often times the most time consuming part about group photos is trying to remember all the combinations on the spot for group photos.

My wedding clients can expect a pre-wedding questionnaire about one month prior to their wedding date. In this questionnaire you have the option to include a list of group photo combinations you would like done at the wedding.

*cooperation also plays a great role in how quickly these photos get done.

Terise and her bridesmaids enjoying their time together during group portraits.

Be Unapologetically YOU

Your wedding is about you and your love. Do what feels right toYOU, plan your wedding the way that YOU want to, and enjoy every single moment of it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you shouldn't have to live with "I wish I did xxxx"

My clients can expect me to help make their engagement session and wedding photos unique to their relationship. I love getting to know my wedding clients and hearing about their love stories!

Golden Hour Portraits

When making your wedding day timeline keep in mind that the most magical time of day for wedding portraits happens one hour before the sunset!

When I send out the pre-wedding questionnaire I remind my clients to pencil in some golden hour portrait time!

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