If you are planning to elope in New Hampshire, you may not have considered winter as the season to do so. But in fact, there are so many great reasons to elope in the winter! The scenery is epic, and in my opinion, it is absolutely the most romantic season to elope. Keep reading for some more compelling reasons to elope in the wintertime - especially if you are the adventure-loving type!

Reason to Elope in NH in the Winter #1

Less crowds

The first reason to elope in New Hampshire in the wintertime is that the crowds are MUCH smaller! This means that you won’t have to fight for a private spot to exchange your vows, even at some of the most popular places. In the summer and fall most of the scenic locations in NH are swamped with crowds, so opting to have your elopement in the winter means you will be guaranteed to get the scenery you want, without fighting crowds. Overall it is a much more peaceful experience!

Reason to Elope in NH in the Winter #2

The scenery is magical

Second, I can’t imagine anything more magical and romantic for an elopement than a peaceful, snowy scene in the mountains. The feeling of walking through a quiet field with freshly fallen snow and mountains and evergreen trees in the background is so special - and what a perfect scene for a romantic elopement! Not only will you feel the magic of this moment, but your photos will reflect it as well. And everything will completely pop against the snow, including your wedding bouquet flowers, dress, suit, and/or whatever else you choose to accessorize with! 

Reason to Elope in NH in the Winter #3

No bugs or sweating!

The third reason that winter is a perfect season to elope in New Hampshire is simply that you won’t need to worry about bugs or sweating in the heat! Outdoor elopements and wedding ceremonies in the summer are of course beautiful, but you (and your guests/witnesses) will most likely be at least somewhat uncomfortable in the heat. Dress warm in the winter and you won’t have to worry about any of that!  

Reason to Elope in NH in the Winter #4

It’s more affordable

Next, eloping in the winter in NH is more affordable than during the spring, summer, and fall. Winter is considered the off-season for most accommodations, and you can find great deals on lodging, travel, etc. during this time of year. With the savings, you could make a longer trip out of your elopement than maybe you otherwise could during the summer. 

Reason to Elope in NH in the Winter #5

All the winter activities 

The last reason to elope in the winter is that you can incorporate your favorite winter activity into your elopement day! The beauty of eloping is that you can create an entire experience centered around what you love to do as a couple. There are so many fun things to do in NH in the winter such as skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, snowmobiling, and more! So building your elopement day around your favorite activity makes for such a memorable experience that you will treasure forever. 

{Looking for more information on how to elope in NH? Check out my guide here!}

New Hampshire Elopement Photographer

As a New Hampshire elopement photographer, I love to help my couples plan their perfect day. It helps to have someone on your side who is familiar with all of the best locations in New Hampshire to help you plan the perfect elopement! And again, while summer and fall are beautiful times to elope in our state, the winter season has so much to offer as well! If you are planning a NH elopement, I would love to hear from you!

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