White Mountains Wedding Day at owls nest new hampshire

Hannah and Jon’s July wedding at the Owls Nest New Hampshire was truly one for the books - I’ve been bursting at the seams to share more of this day and today I finally am! This was my first time photographing a wedding in the Sunset Pavillion and I cannot get over how PERFECT it is, especially for a White Mountain summer wedding!

Getting Ready at Owls Nest

Hannah and Jon spent their morning getting ready in separate houses on the resort property. Hannah and her girls were having dance parties and having tons of fun before getting ready for the more serious parts of the day. Hannah had the most fun outfit for getting ready, her luxurious robe paired well with the pajama set she had for the morning! 

Once the bride and groom were ready it was time for the first look in front of the gorgeous mountain views. Jon was blown away by Hannah’s bridal look- after a few moments of embracing each other they were ready to share their private vows. 

Indoor Ceremony and Reception at the Sunset Pavilion

Although the original plan was for Hannah and Jon to get married outside taking in the gorgeous White Mountain views the weather had alternate plans. Everyone was in pretty good spirits about making a last-minute change, something minor like this definitely wasn’t going to take away from the amazing day we were having! Afterall, we were able to do all of our necessary portraits outside with the views before the rain even started! Awesome, right?!

After the ceremony everyone relaxed in the sunset pavilion while enjoying cocktail hour. The walls on the side of the pavilion were able to lift and even though it was a bit rainy outside we were still able to enjoy the fresh mountain air and views. 

When dinner was served it was still raining outside- everyone (except me of course) assumed this meant sunset photos were off but I kept saying we’re going outside no matter what! After waiting about 20 minutes in the vendor room I decided to walk outside and take a peek. It wasn’t raining, in fact, I could even see the sky opening up in the distance. I went inside and let Hannah and Jon know I think we should go outside in 15 minutes. It was a busy part of their night but luckily I was able to pull them away! When we first went outside there was a light orange glow in the distance. As we got closer to the actual sunset time the sky light up the brightest orange, red, purple and blue colors I’ve ever seen!! This was by far the best and most intense sunset I’ve ever seen on a wedding night. 

At one point I realized that Hannah and Jon were sharing an important moment, it was more than the sunset happening on their wedding night. Hannah’s family came outside and surrounded her and Jon with their arms wrapped around them, taking in these sunset views. This had to be Chase, shining his love and light down on his family on his sister's wedding night.  

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Needless to say, with all of the emotion and excitement of the day, the Fealteaus were ready to CELEBRATE! After our sunset photos, we all went back inside and opened up the dance floor and everyone had the best time. 

In fact, one moment from the evening that was truly epic was during cocktail hour early on. Hannah disappeared “to be bustled,” and when she returned she surprised everyone with a dress change! And her reception dress was ICONIC. It was such a fun moment! 

Looking for a NH Wedding Photographer? 

This Owls Nest NH wedding was really special, and it was an honor to be there to photograph it. If you are looking for a New Hampshire wedding photographer, I would love to hear from you! Reach out via my contact form, and I will be in touch to hear all about your dreams for your big day.