Why prompt Cards?

Quick, easy, professional. You don't have to worry about losing your rhythm when you take a quick glance at your watch for a refresher! Have you ever been at a shoot and just totally space what you had planned?? Left feeling disappointed in yourself even though you know you absolutely slayed that session? I got you. I'm such a planner and if things don't go according to plan I am A L W A Y S hard on myself!

I choose to use prompts instead of images on my watch because I feel like they need less explanation. If I look at my watch and it says "kiss with your teeth" I just immediately get back into a grove with the shoot. Get the couple close again and start with that one prompt and then things just start to flow again. When I had images saved on my watch previously I would slow down the session and show the images to clients- there is nothing wrong with doing that but it just didn't really match my shooting style.

Want to download pre-made prompt cards instead of making them yourself?

I've created a collection of pre-made prompt cards for families, couples and wedding photos and made them available to all of you for one incredibly low price! Click here to purchase yours!

Download the app Canva on your iPhone or iPad

First, download the free app Canva if you don't have it already. If this blog post inspires you to try Canva for the first time in your business you can thank me later....I'm obsessed! Besides making prompt cards you can also create a logo, design guides for your business, create business cards and so much more!! You can also access Canva from the web. Click on the photo to connect!

screenshot of the canva app

Create a new logo template

First you will click create new logo template. Select the blank logo template so that you can customize the color and font.

screenshot of the canva app

Customize the background

Next, if you are on an iPhone the menu will pop up where you can scroll over to select the background option and choose an image or color as your background. I personally use color coded prompt cards. Brand color=couples prompts, pink=bridesmaids prompts, blue=groomsmen prompts, etc.

screenshot of the canva app

Add Text

Once you've selected a background color click the add text button. On an iPad you will look at the menu on the left side of your screen. On an iPhone you will look at the bottom right corner and see a + symbol. Enter the text you would like as your prompt and then adjust the font style and size. I suggest an easy to read font. When sizing your text remember that you do not want the text to touch the very outer edges of the square template.

screenshot of the canva app

Duplicate the template + repeat the steps

Now, in the right upper corner of your template design look for the symbol that means "duplicate template."

Once you have duplicated the template edit the text on the new page. Create a new prompt.

Repeat these steps until you have all of your prompts complete.

Save the design as an image to your iPhone

Now that you have completed your prompt cards it is time to export them as a jpeg image.

In the far upper right corner of the page you will see an export arrow (the arrow pointing up) click on that button and then select Save As....

File type: jpg

Size: I select full size, feel free to test other settings if you would like


Once the images are saved to your phone you can keep them with all of your photos or create a specific album for prompts.

screenshot of the canva app

Create a custom watch face with the prompt cards

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your phone
  2. At the bottom of the screen select Face Gallery
  3. Scroll down to the watch face that says Photos and click on the image
  5. Scroll down to the section labeled CONTENT
  6. Select an album if you saved all of your images into a specific album or select photos if you would like to select them from your photos manually.
  7. You can have up to 20 photos per watch face that you create. I have 4 different sets of prompts saved on my watch at all times!
  8. Scroll down to TIME POSITION and change it from top to bottom
  9. Scroll down to COMPLICATIONS and turn off the features above and below the time
  10. Now you will scroll back to the top and click ADD
screenshot of the apple watch app

YAAAAAY! You did it!

I hope you love this little hack as much as I do! I do have pre-made prompt cards for sale if you're interested in skipping the hard part and getting straight to the point! Send me an email at robineaslerphotography@gmail.com and let me know what set you're interested in! Couples, families and wedding prompts are currently available.

Apple watch with photography prompt card as watch face

Example of a finished prompt card watch face